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8 Jan 2013

How to Make A Website

How to Make a Website
Making your own website is not much difficult probably it is very easy.
You don't need any business or a good reputation company to make a website.
Even you can make a website on any niche which you want. There are millions are websites online on the internet, and you daily browsing 100s of the website. Some website is related to their official companies or business and most of the websites are only for information purpose, Like health, fitness, Technology, News, Entertainment, Science etc.
free make website
How to Make a Website
Most popular and best website builder for making a Website is WiX website builder.You don't need any HTML knowledge or PHP knowledge to make a website with Wix, Wix website builder offers you to make a free HTML5 Website. They also offer good numbers of templates you just need to choose any template or layout according to your requirement they also give you free 500MB storage space and 1GB Bandwidth.
Wix other features are they provide good support Google Analytics to examine your website performance. 
 One of the most popular and user-friendly blog builders is BlogSpot, You can create your own website with few clicks.
Sign up with Gmail account and then go to,  Type a Title which is you going to start a blog, and choose blog. And start your first post by simply click on new post, Add the title and write in blog post body and click on publish.
Best Free Website Builder, You can make a website free.


  1. DreamHost is ultimately one of the best hosting company for any hosting services you might need.

    1. I agree with you, IPage, Dreamhost, Bluehost are top hosting sites, And best for new bloggers.



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