Dubai Tourist Visa Complete Guide

You have up to 100 things to do in Dubai, Such a great place for tourist. You will find here endless experience, worldwide community travel here to earn entertainment of luxuries hotels, Arabian deserts, sandy white beaches, shopping malls, Jumeirah lake towers, Dragon Mart, Marina Beach, Night time long travel to enjoy limitless lighting, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and much more.
First of all you have to apply for passport, it will take about two to three weeks once you get passport. Go to travel agency or you can apply visit visa online on emirates site. If you apply online it will much cheap for you. Or you can get visit visa from a travel agency agent. They will ask your passport copy, and two passport size pictures and some fee about $150 USD to $300 Its depend on visa tenor.
There are two types of visit visa, one month visit visa and three month visit visa. If you are going for travel or only visit purpose then 30 days visit visa suitable for you. If you are looking to hunt job in Dubai then you must go with three month visit visa. Because three month visit visa is highly recommended.
Visa process will take about one week to two weeks. Once your visa is approved you can buy flight ticket from different airline. Like PIA, Emirates, Etihad Air line, Air Blue or any other. If you are going to buy cheap flying ticket then go with PIA or Air Blue night time travel, because all airlines night time tickets are comes with cheap price.
The one major issue is in U.A.E is residence where you have to stay. If your family member or your friend is willing to provide residence then it is best option for you. If you don’t have any family member in U.A.E then you must arrange your residence before you travel. In U.A.E flats or rooms are much expensive. So you have to arrange first. If you don’t have your relative or friends in Dubai or no one is ready to accommodate you. Then you can arrange before travel to Dubai. You can find a variety of hotels, flats, rooms online, they offering good deal. Hotels are expensive if  you can manage go with hotels, otherwise you can rent shared rooms with one bed space it will cost you about 600A.E.D a month. With all facilities like DEWA, Water, electric, kitchen, bath and some apartments also offers you jym, or swimming pool etc.
On Airport immigration officer will ask you where you will stay, if you have address of your friend then they will allow you, if you say I will stay in hotel then they will ask you that show us your reservation, otherwise they will ask you show us money, will it be enough to manage your expense during staying in Dubai etc. So always keep about 3000 to 5000 A.E.D with you whenever you going to Dubai on visit visa.



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