How To Recover Windows 7

The most common problem in window 7 is windows crashed or corrupt. Here following problem you may seen in window 7.
Window 7 late startup.
Window 7 blue screen.
Window 7 recovery option and some other.
In order to recover window 7 blue screen or late start up or recovery option, restart your Pc or Laptop and press F8.
You will see some startup option choose safe mode and press enter, your operation system will boot in safe mode. Once it completely load, type user name and password (user must be with administrator rights) and login. Now go to my computer and right click on C drive, click on properties, you will see tools tab then click on check disk. You will see a notice that check disk will perform when system is restart next time. Now close all windows and restart your system. After booting check disk will started it will take some time about 15 to 25 minutes depend on your system hard disk capacity. It will fix errors and index your files. After complete check disk, restart your system. Hope fully your system will boot normal and you will no more see blue screen. But some time we see that when windows 7 have blue screen error it could not boot with safe mode too. When you see this problem reinstall your windows.
When your windows 7 system take lot of time during login or startup. After login with administrator account and create new user. Actually you are going to create new profile in windows 7 Because old profile have lot of temp files so that is why it take lot of time to login. So go to control panel and create new user. Or right click on my computer and click on manage and create new user. Now after creating new user, login with this account and copy all data from your old user desktop & document to new user desktop & document.
Hope it  will help you to recover windows 7 as well as user profile data.



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