How to Create a Blog Post

How to Create a Blog Post
Lot of newbie are looking for guide to start earning with adsense, So you can start your own blog to make money with adsense. May be you are thinking that on which niche you are going to make a blog. Don't worry about it. Don't read article about niche or don't ask to anyone about blog niche, You own ideas is world most unique niche. So try to write on any topic, that you can write.
Here is world most easy blog making site.
You create a free blog, select your blog name and make your first publish new post it is very easy you just need to follow these simple steps.
create blog post
Create a New Post
Add your post Title relevant to your post keywords, and type your post , you can add images, and videos also. After creating your post click on publish. Your post will live on your blog.

publish new post
Publish A Post

After typing full blog post, make a proof read your post to avoid spell or grammar mistake, once finish click on publish. Your post will live on internet.


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