Facebook Photo Verification Trick

How to By Pass facebook Photo Verification.

First Step.
Login Facebook account, you will see an error that you Facebook account is locked, click on continue and then click on start photo verification.
Now you will about three Images, and about 5 to 6 names under the photo,

Second Step,
Now click on print screen button on your keyboard, and then open ms paint. And press CTRL+V this image will paste on ms paint, after that, save this image as JPEG in a folder.
Now click on skip.
You will see another three photo and 6 names, repeat step 2, save that photo on same folder.
You can skip only two times, after that check anyone pic and click on submit.
Do this step to all of photos, and now you have about 7 different photos in your folder.

Third Step,
Now log out, and came after 3 to 4 hours, you will  again see photo verification, you will see some repeated photos with different names, and some new one, save these all photos on that folder you created using step 2. You have about 14photos in your folder now.

Next day, login Facebook account and click on photo verification. You will three photos again and with 6 different names, if you remember your friend photo then click on his name and click on submit, if not then open the folder and find that same photo you save and find the match name, If you got that then back to Facebook and check that name and click on submit, now you will see next photo… if you find new photo then repeat step 2, and save this new image.

Photos that you successfully  identify, rename that photos in your folder with their name, so next time you see this photo in image verification you open your photos folder and find this image name, 

This Facebook photo verification method is tested its work %100.

Facebook allow you to verify your Facebook photo verification 3 times a day, with 2 or three attempt.
Don’t worry you don’t see new image every time upto %80 images are repeated.
Once you have about 20photos in your folder, it will really works to verify your photo verification.
Good Luck.



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