The File or Directory is Corrupted or unreadable [Fixed]

When you see your drive is not accessible, like when you going to open that drive, it show error that drive need to be format. And when you see properties of that drive it show 0bytes total space, 0bytes used space etc. Now you have important data in your drive like your office work, your family photos or videos and you don't want to format it. There is a method you can fix your corrupted drive with few commands.

Step 1: Go to run, or press window key + R from your keyboad. And type cmd and hit enter or press ok.

Now command line will open in black screen.

 Step 2:- You having problem with your drive like D, E, F,G,H etc just type in command line chkdsk/f (space) your drive letter like, D,  E, or F, and hit enter, it will take about 5 to 20 minutes depend on capacity of your drive.


Hit enter.

After completion of CHKDSK it will fix your drive errors and indexing, and you can access your drive and %100 data of your drive will saved on your drive.


  1. This did not work entirely for me. Please help??? It won't let me copy and paste the words it says, but I snipped a picture of it, but can't seem to upload a picture here. Would you please help me, good sir? I can email you my picture of what it says. is the email I tend to check.



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