How to Fix NEC Projector

Fix Lights and Flashing on NEC projector.
Warning Lights and Flashing Indicator of Status and Lamp on Projector NEC.

This in normal case in NEC projectors, When you power on your projector you will find power light is Red and status light is orange, this is normal, And if your press power button on NEC projector lamp light will green and you will see display of projector.
But if you power on projector and you find a noise of fans of projector and status light start blinking, you will not see any display, this is a common problem on NEC projectors. I will tell you how to fix this problem.
Just Power on projector and leave status light blinking, after one minute lamp light will green and projector will start displaying. Blinking green light on status is mean Re-firing the lamp, In this case projector is cooling down, so wait for a moment your projector lamp will turn on within one minute.


  1. Are not severe vibration 20-01032-20 SMARTBOARD projector work or just turn off, or else itself and because tungsten is very brittle at high temperatures easily broken, it might be fried bulb



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