How To Clear Browsing History

Clear Browser History
If you are using more than one facebook account on single pc you need to follow these easy steps to prevent get blocked by facebook.
Like you are login two facebook accounts One on firefox and other on Google Chrome.
You need to logout both account and then run the internet cookies and cache cleaner software.
First step close firefox and chrome and then Open Ccleaner software and Click on Windows Tab, and uncheck all options.
Now Click on Applications
And check on all boxes of Firefox , Google Chrome and Opera if you are using. It will Clear your internet history and cookies etc.
It will also clean you save passwords but It will not delete your bookmarks.

Now Click on Run Cleaner
You will see a popup message click on Ok to continue.
All is done, your browsers history, cookies and cache are cleaned now, now it is safe for facebook login, this is little exercise you need to do before every facebook account login.


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