What is a gray hat hacker?

Is that true that Hacker wear Black hat or White hat?
Gray Hat
Gray Hat Hacker
This is quite a small glossary heart, but many people don't know about it. Do you know what is a gray hat hacker? The grey hat hackers or hackers gray hat characterized by discourse between "good and evil " in the world of hacking, as well typically identify the black hat hackers (blackhats), which are dedicated to finding security flaws and exploit them for their own benefit and white hat hackers (white hats or "good hackers”), dedicated to search and investigate security holes and once located notified to the company concerned or disseminated publicly to be resolved. They do not seek reward because its intention is altruistic, improve security in general.
 Gray hat hackers move from one to another. Not seek to take advantage of a security hole directly, but if they find out they try to cash in selling it to Govt, military or intelligence services. There is no altruism but neither intended to harm businesses.
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 An example of a group of gray hat hackers are the Italian Hacking Team, who sell their spy tools to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia.



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