Lenovo is Building Servers for Cloud

Data Center Lenovo
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Data Center Immigration to cloud computing is increasing day by day due to its popularity and features. Lots of companies are asking for cloud-based data centers and servers for data transmission. Lenovo is one step ahead to providing larger share of the cloud computing in cloud computing market. To complete requirements of their clients Lenovo is putting great effort sets sights on build converged cloud servers for large scale clients.
A good example is Google, Amazon and Facebook which have billions of traffic a day, and they are maintaining huge data and workload, they are using their own Mega data centers. Millions of users uploading videos, files, audio, tutorials and much more, So their companies using different application to managing all data like Oracle, Hanna and Sap.
HP and Dell companies are already building server’s and components for data center  and now Supermicro, Tyan, Inspur  companies are also becoming more famous time by time .Lenovo has to face competition from these companies.



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