Red Hat OpenShift Containers Platform 3.3

Earlier Red Hat has made some improvements in deployment OpenShift and Atomic enterprise applications on Linux containers. As other many companies adopt based architectures containers heavy applications, Red Hat new features allow the use of Linux Containers with Docker format to create based on micro services applications and divide load, Red Hat also adding some features of security which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure.
Red Hat Container 3.3
Red Hat OpenShift Container 3.3
Now another big development of Red Hat they release OpenShift Container 3.3 Platform, OpenShift has safe scalability platform for business and more new functional development with more improvement with hybrid cloud. Red Had OpenShift now developing cloud based application and providing best solution for production.
Red Hat is most important contributor of Doker project and Kubernetes project, Newest Red Hat OpenShift provides version 1.3 and Kubernetes run-time Docker Container.
 Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3 Features are included:
  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Red Hat Open improvement Labs
  • Deployments in large-scale cloud
  • improvement to develop productivity and alertness
Vice President, Ashesh Badan and General Manager Red Hat OpenShift, has publicly say that "Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform will be keystone of one of the leading container solutions at the enterprise level.
Newest container platform allow their client to fully utilize their services and technology but Red Had OpenShift container meet client demand to complete objective of application perform faster.



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