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OVH shares its vision on the Cloud Computing among companies

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Cloud Computing
OVH has presented a vision of cloud computing a few days ago during a meeting organized for cloud computing. They discuss based on to provide flexible access to cloud technology for companies growing needs for cloud servers.

Romain Coplo, said. "Events like this are a great opportunity for all of us who are part of the industry, as it allows us to measure the pulse of the market and learn about the experiences of other companies," In this presentation, they also explained advantages of Hybrid Cloud Server.

If we focus on technology, their changes are constant in a business environment, On technology environment, IDC Cloudview conducted a survey worldwide about 11,300 companies. According to the survey report the companies those are interested in cloud servers will increase their IT Budget from %29.8 to %43 in 2018. They will invest more in Cloud computing to secure their company data

Despite being aware of the advantages of the virtual private servers, some of the users considers there are a number of inhibitors when it comes to opting for this model:

• Vendor lock-in and lack of open ecosystems: Users often encounter the difficulty of integrating private cloud computing infrastructures with the ecosystem of management tools, platforms, and alternative on-premise or public cloud computing infrastructures.

• Pricing model: Cloud technology is new and expensive, Sometimes the private cloud computing is marketed using high pricing systems, in which a fixed monthly or annual amount is paid. However, in today's context, organizations are demanding a pay-as-you-go value proposition for ever-changing environments, with transparent and predictable pricing to scale capacity at any time.
How Cloud Computing works.


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  2. I think the pricing is a bit high at this time just because the competition is low. As soon as it increases that will settle for good.

    I have written a similar blog on cloud computing here. Let me know what you think about it:



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